Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


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It’s bizarre that so many people are actually watching this when it is apparently driving them so demented, fascinating to watch.


Apparently the 51 was jammers at half 10


I don’t think anybody here was watching it that has a dislike for the royals


Who is?


You’ll do well to get hold of any admins here today. They’re all off on Pretend IRA active service with Glasgow Celtic at the Cup Final of Scotland.


The entire royal crowd should be thrown into the gas chambers and disposed of. This nonsensical bullshit infecting our airways today is a tad nauseating.


Great day in Windsor. They do royal weddings much better on the mainland


Looks like the twelfth to me


I thought it was Cork.


I wouldn’t trust that lil bollix, back row far right. Not one bit.


Brutal photo. Unbalanced. Child on knee. Lamps. Mirror.

You would be better off with one of the sportsfile photographers


She scrubbed up well in fairness. That harry is a dirty looking scut. He must go to the mickey harte school of grooming.


Miss Markle despite all the coverage about missing family members is the only half of the couple with a biological parent present in that photo all the same.




Is that not her mom?


The senile oul fucker looks like he’s on deaths door.


Agreed and Phil the Greek don’t look great either all told .