Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


They get much more respect in Oireland.


Not so sure about that. This is a very laid back trip, so much so we’re even leaving sub machine guns lying around fully loaded, and ne’er a shot fired. We’ve all matuured.


They mustn’t believe their luck when they come over, the locals bending over backwards to facilitate their every whim.


It’s an awful pity he didn’t have the redbull towel with him…







Camden Street closed off and crowds there waiting to see them I presume. Mainly women which you’d understand but a good number of “men” there as well, giggling away excitedly with their camera phones out.

We really do need another world war.



What World War was Ireland involved in? And I dont think the giggly freaks you saw on the street corner today like @Bandage and @TheUlteriorMotive will be the types to go to war. That will be left to men like you and me bro.


And the pretend IRA standing idly by.


We as in the world, bro.

But your point on @Bandage is correct alright.


They’re watching it on tv down at the Padraig Pearse pub. Bunting is out too.


It’s fantastic that we have all moved on.


We’ll have to cheer England tonight as well…



Some things remain sacred. Good luck to them if they win it but i’d have no gra for this England team.



Couldn’t make it mate, had a prior engagement at a bonfire in Londonderry.


At least you got to meet your hero Rory


Are they imitating a nazi salute in a nod to young Hewitts fancy dress preferences?


Met him in Donegal last weekend too.

Great to see the stick hurling brigade falling over themselves to fawn over Prince Harry :laughing:


I thought that was him.

He would be delighted with meeting a member of the British Royal Family, the sleeveen.