Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


What’s wrong with showing off our culture to foreign visitors?


The Brits invented stick hurling and codified it in Trinity College.

If you want to show them your culture, bring them to the site and show them some bare knuckle boxing.


Gosh! That reminds me of when we launched an air strike on those Afghan peasants.


Incorrect. Your ignorance, as usual, is your undoing.


The main thing here is that she is absolutely exquisite.
The end.


Very common though.


Sure he was about 10 Yards in from the sideline :thinking:


She’s a good looking girl but I wouldnt be raving about her.


Think of the blood line.


Joe Canning is a wonderful ambassador for hurling .


He refused to go any closer to to sideline in case Paudie Maher was nearby…


What’s wrong with wanting to be liked?


What’s wrong with your head?


Nothing unusual there


Canning being picked to meet the Windsors reminds me of national school when the best and brightest were wheeled out to meet the bishop or whatever while the rest of the lads were told to mind the bee.


The same cunt would show up to the opening of an envelope


De oirish are playing hard with brexit. A few royal visits will placate them


Spud hockey is popular in 5 countries mate.

How is he a good ambassador


Saw this idiot on the news its 25 degrees out so what she talking about?!


Her Fanny …