Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


A real cunt fest Chris Mangina Donoghue got in as well.


she’s unreal lads, cracking woman ive only actually looked at pictures of her now


If hurling was popular in one county he would still be a great ambassador .


No,he would be a failed ambassador


You’ll be drafted for the war alright pal. Myself and @Bandage will be on the logistics end of things. Shipping body bags and stuff like that.


As some one that has served in the military ranks of our defense forces already, i’d be a very valuable asset on the front line.


I have no doubt pal. If you play your cards right we’ll use our positions to ship you some contraband that will serve as currency in your machine gun nest.


I’ll be officer class, mate. You dont do a year in the FCA and survive camp in Clonmel and not get stripes


served breakfast, lunch and dinner?


I did clonmel myself many years ago. Were u in braveheart?


Was I in it?

I am Braveheart …


And balaclavas.


He’ll possibly surface tomorrow at the Orange parade in Rossnowlagh. Fergal must have been kept at the desk for fear he’d attempt a lascivious quip at Megan.


The fuckin cunt.


I’ve said it a long time mate. A stones of a man.


Protestant shure.


First world war


More like baklava


Anyone watching today’s nuptials at Windsor .


Well done arry, put his ginger nuts too use. Be another royal due around calving season.