Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


Show me someone who goes to a lot of committee meetings and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t have a proper job - Jeremy Clarkson




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That’s deadly



To be honest I’m dismayed that Prince William is marrying someone who was raised in a house. I hope he knows what he’s doing.


As I said early a commoner. Its a recipe for disaster.


Date and venue confirmed. Westminster Abbey, 29 April 2011. A bank holiday in the United Kingdom. Presume it will also be a bank holiday across the rest of the empire.


Are you serious ?


Will this clash with the conclusion of the World Snooker Championships?


Lovely stuff


would i be correct in saying that kate middleton is the first person to put her finger in dianas ring since dodi?


Frankie Boyle on the Royal Wedding

There’s going to be a Royal wedding! Ironically I don’t get a day off for the wedding as I work part time as an Al-Qaeda sniper.

If William’s marriage is half as happy as his mum and dad’s then Kate might as well cut her own brake cables now.

William’s dad of course had an affair with Camilla and his mum slept with Englishmen, Americans, and an Egyptian before finally being f**ked by that Frenchman.

Charles broke Diana’s heart…ten years before a steering column mashed what was left of it. Let’s not forget that night. We all know where we were when Diana died. I for one was weaving around Paris in a white Fiat.

If the British Royal Family keep marrying outside the aristocracy, it won’t be long before they’ll hardly have any German blood left in them.



Welcome to last week


Let’s hope so . We have few enough of them





Kate Middleton is pregnant.

They’re not even married yet.

Fucking scandalous.


Oh Bandage no…



Typical commoner. I hope she won’t look fat on her wedding day. I suppose she could follow the example of Diana and try vomiting everything back up for the next four weeks to mitigate the effects.