Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


Has there been much speculation as to who the father of this child might be?




Does anyone seriously believe Kate is a virgin? :lol:


Is she supposed to be?

I heard she’s a cock monster


Well I think Diana had to go through a virginity test in her day. Probably bollocks.


Just like the traveller women


This must be very exciting for Manuel, commoner or not. He’ll be trying to decide what frock to wear with what hat. I can just see him now, all dolled up a la Dame Edna.


What a gesture by Wills to have the wedding today given that today is the wedding anniversary of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.


Harry was behind that no doubt.

Any pictures of the magnificent Kate for the day that’s in it. Even if she is marrying into a completely undemocratic system which belongs back in the cave, she still is a savage bit of stuff.


Happy to oblige Farmer, posted these before, but shur what harm?



I’d say it was gas when William banged Kate first. I’d say he was wearing about 10 layers.


The Beeb excelling themselves here. Becks looking a million dollars


Archbishop of Canterbury seems like a bit of a stonker


Where are they going for a pint beforehand?




Beef or salmon?


11 is a very early start. Early House the only option.

Cardinal Sean Brady just arriving.


I’m sure Will or Phil knows a few publicans in the area who’ll sort him out.


Any chance she won’t turn up?
Now that would be good.