Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


Someone on is having fun on the tracker

09.30: Tara Palmer Tomkinson (and her nose!) has arrived in a royal blue number.


Have the Jacobites and the House of Stuart thrown in the towel yet as regards laying claim to the throne? Has to be more than a few Taigs out there who still regard the Windsors as imposters and this man as the rightful King…


Great to see Peter Robinson there. No Iris though. Days like these I really question my views on the national question and ponder whether I have gotten it wrong. Well done to Eamon Holmes who is doing a great job steering events on Sky News. I’m going to stick with ITV though as bit of a tradtionalist.


First Dance?

Like a Virgin would be class, or Paranoid Android with the line ‘when I am King you will be first against the wall’.

Say it’ll be something twee like Angels or some bullshit like that. Or maybe Candle in the Wind?


I’m hoping for Neil Diamond’s ‘Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon’


Disappointed Rocko hasn’t done up a special union jack drapped TFK logo for the day





LOL’d at this, good man Runty


I’d say you’ll be glued to this for the day Locke.


Locke is on his 2nd box of Kleenex already !


And Kate hasnt even arrived yet!


Locke has B)


Lord Cambridge has arrived resplendent in the red uniform of the Irish Guards.


Delete this fucking thread. This is horseshit. Fuck sake!!!


This is a terrific spectacle. The British really do have class.


I never heard, but I presume McAleese is there? Wonder is there any chance she could negotiate our handing back of the deeds of the country while she’s there.


Just getting the house ready there now


No she wasn’t invited. Eamon Holmes is going a great job over there for us over there though. Peter Robinson is Government representive from Ireland.


Absolutey not. Why would she be invited?


I reckon Harry will be looking to get into Kate’s sisters knickers later. The only reason the President invited the Queen here was to get an invite to the wedding and she didn’t. The President should tell her not to come now. :smiley: