Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


I’m with Flano on this one. This is insanity on a grand scale.


Eire is no longer a member of the Commonwealth. Only Head’s of State invited are from Commonwealth countries.


Disusting scenes!





I wonder if Kate has a brazilian or a hollywood? :slight_smile:


Prince William’s choice of a military uniform is something of a surprise. As a search and rescue helicopter pilot in the Royal Air Force, many had predicted he would wear his blue flight lieutenant’s uniform.

However, as an honorary colonel of the Irish Guards infantry regiment, he has opted to wear the red tunic and forage cap, fitted by military and civilian tailors Kashket and Partners.


Bunch of pigs watching this in my office. Hun bastards.


Are there clowns on here watching this shite? Do a bit of work ye lazy fuckers. Flano, sort this out.


The sister is a ride. :slight_smile:


So she could hand back the deeds of the country. Didn’t you read my post?




Interesting to note the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge now share a wedding anniversary with the Fuhrer and Eva Braun, who were married 66 years ago today.




Now there was a man who could get things done.


I just spotted shannonsider at the wedding


I’m embarrassed at having opened this thread. Curiosity got the better of me to see what clowns were discussing this.

I’m not surprised really.


I’ve been watching this since 9:45 this morning.
I’ve nothing better to do.
There is always work I guess, but as I just said, I’ve nothing better to do.

I think the fact that the lads and prince charles all wore michael jackson outfits was fantastic.

Yours etc,


:clap: to the bridesmaid. Harry will be sniffing around that all night


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¼ cup flour
1 cup white wine
3 quarts beef bouillon


  • Slice onions 1/8 inch thick.

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