Prince Harry to marry Galway woman




Was Sam Whaley Cohen there?


Much better than his own mot…

Although, to be fair, thats a bad photo…

Yours etc,


Jaysus, that’s an unfortunate photo there.


She doesnt really take a good one



FAO Fitzy - Congrats mate, heard you were waving the little union jacks at the rural bowls club with your cricket chums. Must have been a hell of a day


Where did you hear that KIB Man? We have no mutual friends.

So now you’re home for a while, you’ve taken the opportunity to pretend that anyone who lives outside of Ireland isn’t a ture Gael like yourself and you jump on the Fitzy takes the Queens shilling bandwagon. How terribly republican of you.


This is an appropriate thread to remind us that Thursday marks a significant 30th anniversary for all to observe.


Our linkedin profiles would suggest otherwise (may or may not be true but it fits in with the upwardly mobile persona I project).

Not at all my man. Im back in van diemens land now mate but if the queens shilling was good enough for Michael Collins it is good enough for proud agrarian republicans like yourself. I dont subscribe to the narrow view of nationality (Irish) as promoted by the Glasgow Celtic followers on here as you well know.



you dont even know where you are

been a little englander like you & fisty doesnt fit in to manys views of Irishness


Can anyone decipher what this fuckwit is trying to say?


You’ve lost me.

Congratulations in any case on the marriage of your future King. We are just outsiders looking in here in Ireland, but for the likes of yourself it must have been a very profound and important moment.


yeah- you are crosseyed brit


Agreed, the most heroic figure in modern day Ireland.


Fisty seething here :lol:


Is this not a thread about the Royal Wedding?


Tremendous news for the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and indeed for the Empire at large. An heir to the throne is on the way.


Rejoice ! Another bank holiday on the way for the Puke and other UK based posters.


I didn’t think yer man had it in him and frankly I’m still not convinced.