Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


Not just the DJ, but his boss, and his boss, and right up to the Prime Minister.


[quote=“Sidney, post: 534541”]
Murder charges should now be pressed against the offending DJs, I feel.[/quote]
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looks like she was well and truly clamped

Australia 1 - the british isles 0

sad MI5 killed her for something so trivial


This tragic story will be extra motivation for the Loins next June and July.

The tour to Australia will be nothing less than a civilising mission against the feral, uncouth, fetid forces of barbarism.


thinly veiled “i hate abbos” post from waddell


If that cunt hadn’t gone to hospital with a bit of morning sickness the nurse would still be alive today.

It’s a long way from Australia where the real blame lies lads


Just the one Abbo I hate, mate.


True DB.Some women just get on with pregnancy.


Thinly veiled “Savita was faking it”.


Do we have a date yet @Tassotti for the union of Prince Henry and Miss Markle?


It will be after the Birth of the Duke of Cambridge’s 3rd Child



this is sure to drive the pretend ira lads demented.

good luck to them both.


I presume people will have a few days off for it.


Spring 2018 is being mooted - a joyous occasion it will be


Its going to be a very emotional occasion


It really is splendid news. Admittedly the choice of a commoner in not ideal, but Her Majesty has given it her blessing. The feeling seems to be that after things went awry following the Selection Conventions in 1981 and 1986, Her Majesty is giving her team a little more leeway on these matters, albeit retaining the final say and scrutinising their choices carefully.


Her Majesty will grant the title “Duke of Sussex” as a wedding gift to Harry.


Harry is a great lad, done a lot for Charity, I have met him a few times


You’ll surely get an invite to the big day?