… to get “the best the is, was and ever will be” to shorten his name. its too fooking long ><#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif

Dont other things bother you than my username. :<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif

apart from the fact that it is plain stupid?

Flano suggested it. ;D

i would have called you “shano,” but what do i know

eeeeeee ya hi5

Untrue. If I was going to suggest a name it would be something along the lines of “High 5” hi5 hi5 hi5 hi5

here its three o’clock. time for you part timers to knock off and leave this board to the real men.

eeeeeee ya

Hey Ball Ox, hows life in the gutter? ;D

yeah rock. any sign of when we are letting ox back on?

Change it to Excellence of Execution then. Anything to get everyone off my back. ;D

Petty times.