Public Displays of Affection

A section of my friends - mainly cesc4 & Farmer - tend to engage in public displays of affection with their other halves on nights out. This can range from hand holding at the lower end of the scale through to shifting and onwards to heavy petting at the upper end. Jugs is different in that his tactile behaviour usually forms part of mating rituals at around 3am in dingy nightclubs.

On the other hand, the likes of Rocko, ClarkeyCat and Appendage don’t really seem to be into public displays of affection and tend to be more reserved and follow the ‘at arm’s length’ principle when socialising in the company of their partners and other friends.

Personally, I’m not an affectionate person at all. Don’t get me wrong - I’m as keen to jab a few fingers up a bird’s gee behind closed doors as the next man but I’m not into holding hands, kissing or whatever in public. An argument could be made that such an aversion emanates from that the fact I mostly (universally) do dogs but I don’t think so. However, I’d be interested to read other members’ views on PDAs.

Fully agree with everything you have said Bandage. There is a time and place and all that.

I think people who overdo the PDA stuff are often a little insecure in my opinion.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Two blokes walking down the quays there now holding hands

Never knew there was a Mrs Farmer

Maybe one of them is a blind man…

Saw a hot blind girl walking down O’Connell Street today with 3 friends. They were all hot. I think they were yanks.

Did you get a yank?

Had one when I got home. Would’ve made an approach but the way she was sweeping the cane in front of her made it too difficult.

I need clarificiation, does brushing off a bird while standing on the bus count for the purposes of this thread Bandage?

Yes, that’s effectively a score and it’s a PDA given the bus is public transport.

Cheers mate, Dunph was asking me about it earlier, he couldn’t get to a computer to ask the question himself.

I’ll go 50/50 here please …

I think the lenght of the relationship is important here, if it’s something new and the chemistry is still flying then one is more prevalent to giving PDA’s, however, if one is married, I imagine you just want away from her for a few hours and have banter with your mates.

Go way you creep. I’ve seen you in action… and time nor place fucking matters

Coppers doesn’t fuckin count!