Quarter Final F

Quarter Final F

WIP rocko?

Yeah takes a couple of minutes to populate. It’s there now.

Has Pat Dolan agreed to be part of this, we (ye) don’t want to be sued again…

That irritating little fook Neelo for me.

His royal noble knightedness o reilly and that lead cheerleader of the cunts tubridy surely two of the frontrunners here.

that thug who used manage the dubs

Tubridy gets the nod from me here.

Worthy candidates I agree, but my No.1 has unequivocally gone to Denis O’Brien. I would have happily foresaken the other heats to give all my votes to this cunt to enable him advance.

Fuckin Brendan O’Carroll cunt

I’m torn between Ryan Tubridy and Brendan O’Carroll.
Someone sway me!

the pencil necked fucker gets my vote

Jesus these heats are so tough, I can’t imagine how hard the final is going to be.

Which one?

Tough one to call between Tubridy and O Carroll, 2 odious types


Brendan O’Carroll for me, for bringing out yet another mrs brown dvd. Cunt!

Locke, you pushed me off the fence. The ads for the new mrs brown look like the least funny thing ever made.

Although looking at this again, I see Brian Curtin on the list- presume this is the ex judge from Kerry?
If so his antics make him by definition a cunt


the earthworm jim lookalike, tubridy

If there was a “Scrawny COTY” award he’d be 1/33

a poor ticket to be honest.

I went for O’Rouke, but because he’s from Meath.