Question For Bandage

Bandage, i know we have different opinions on the darts but i need your advice. A few of us are heading to Glasgow in a few weeks, what are the best pubs and clubs especially to meet the female of the species. Sound.

Karbon is where it’s at.

What about pubs?

jimmy, leave it with me. I’ll get back to you with more details this evening.

Sound Bandage.

jimmy, I was having a think about pubs/clubs in Glasgow just now and I also open this to the floor.

Not sure what kind of places you prefer but there’s a late opening Irish bar called Fáilte on St Vincent St. It’s similar to somewhere like Flannery’s in Dublin. There’s a nightclub called The Tunnel not far from it.

There’s lots of bars and clubs on Sauchiehall St, which is a taxi away from the city centre. Again, there’s a late opening Irish bar called O’Neill’s where dancingbaby had at least 25 rum and cokes when we were over for a Celtic game earlier this season. There’s a few clubs on that street too - The Garage and Kushion is close by too. They get a young enough crowd. Lots of skin and orange faces. You might get a sniffy finger in there.

There’s also an area called Merchant City in the city centre, which isn’t that great really, but it’s got a good few pubs and restaurants. The West End is the trendy part of the city but we, quite understandably, don’t go there. Pub called Jinty’s is meant to be decent there.

Not sure what time of the week you’ll be there either - some of those clubs will have midweek student nights.

Cheers bandage, was in the garage before, easiest place ive ever been in to pull women.

What to you make of this storm brewing in Carrick?



Have you signed the petition?

I’ve e-signed it. I want you to take back the streets for me.

Always credible when an article is backboned by Facebook comments.

Time to tool up

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cc @Tank I’ve just noticed the author is John of the Arses.

Sounds made up and grossly exaggerated. The major complaint seems to be "the way they look at you "

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Yeah, either that or the rape.

What rape?

“Alleged” rape.

What in the fuck is that article!? :smile: