Question for Darts heads onhere

Earlier this afternoon i returned home from a gym session around 4 pm, was a bit tired and lied down on the couch with BBC 1 on, I have no real interest in darts but was tired and decided to leave it on in the background…

To my amazement I witnessed what could only be described a a magnificent spectacle played out in a red hot atmosphere, between Adams(?) and some other chap I never heard of…since when has darts become so exciting, have had to sit through them premier league darts matches before and it really turned me off a sport I quite enjoyed playing but this was real darts if you will, two guys going toe to toe with the beardy lad coming out on top but the crowd were the real winner tey got a hum dinger of a game and made it even more special…Also liked the fact that the beeb didn’t mention Phil Taylor once in the broadcast, are they doing this since he was caught in the back of the van with the young ones, makes a nice change

so to long story short, since when did Darts get its soul back? and since when did the BBC start showing it ahead of sky

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The Puke has let himself down badly here.


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I’ve a question of my own for “dart heads” on here, more specifically BDO cheerleaders such as sid waddell, Bandage, larryduff et al.

How come Dean Winstanley was able to qualify for the final of the BDO at his very first appearance when it took Martin Adams 20+ years to achieve the same thing? It is important to bear in mind, Adams has never held down a steady 9-5 job in his life and is a darts “professional”.

could someone please answer my question before answering this one

I’ll answer your question, Puke.

You see the BBC have shown darts for longer than Sky, it’s just that Sky took over when the BBC version became stagnant or stale for want of a better word. But then it’s not hard to see how an outsider such as the Puke would have trouble understanding this since the BBC showed so little actual darts during the BDO championships, instead opting for ‘Edwardian Farm’ most nights. Usually there would be only a few hundred, simple souls tuning into their television sets to watch the BDO action. Indeed when the PDC final was on, the BBC actually switched off their darts coverage mid-match rather than compete with what is a superior product.

In short Puke the PDC = good darts and the BDO = bad darts.

I hope this answers your question.

Dunph, BBC have showed all the matches live. It’s your problem that you haven’t advanced to possessing a digital television set. Puke, take a read of the BDO World Championships thread. Real darts has never gone away, you know. It’s always been there. Sky have their British lager lout version akin to a Combat 18 rally but what you witnessed today on the BBC was the game that true darts connoisseurs still love and cherish. Of course, less intelligent and easily led individuals may be drawn in by the Sky Sports hype but then that’s their problem.

Pain in the hole having to do the " du dah dah da da de de de de da oi oi oi !" yourself when the BBC ones are on though.

Good post Pukey. No surprise that another non-darts person has found themselves being drawn in by the infectious Lakeside atmosphere. That’s the difference between a BDO and a PDC crowd - the fantastic, welcoming atmosphere that Pukey could clearly sense. Perhaps the spirit and the soul reminded him of a Clonlara dressing room.

im torn on this one

on one hand you have pdc liked by dunph & flano- the forums favourite poster & the forum legend & on the other you have the bdo liked by larry duffy & bandage who are the two most clued up sports fans on here so I think Ill have to pledge the 5th on this one

Have read conflicting reports here on tv viewing figures so googled it and just read that viewing figures for world finals were as follows:
Viewing Figures 2009 WORLD FINAL: BDO 4.6million, PDC 1.5m

Says it all really.

Larry, i’m dismissing your figures.

And larry, since i was kind enough to answer the Pukes question, perhaps you or one of the BDO people could answer mine…

Some day of darts alright today… My house mates must have thought I was nuts, as I howled away every time adams won a set.

Roll on immortality for the main man tomorrow

Hold on a second…there are 2 seperate organisations??

To the BDO and to Lakside :pint: :clap:
Great thread Pukey, great thread.