Question for the techies


These Acer chromebooks in PC world have 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. Sure that’s not worth a bollocks? I’ve a 6yr old Samsung laptop here and it has 200GB.


No to football manager. You can browse whatever sites you want. Its a Chrome operating system which basically makes it like an iPad with a keyboard. Small storage so nowhere for viruses to go.


Don’t get a Chromebook


You might get something online for Black Friday


:smile: you know fuck all about viruses Mac.


I’m dumbing it down for @Smark Ambrose. He nearly blew up his home place the last time he downloaded AVG and ran a virus scan


That’s why i’m doing my research now. I’m going to be very busy on Friday morning.


Let me know your budget and I’ll try find something for you’re requirements.

I’ll put you in the direction on cheap Microsoft office also.


Tell me what to buy. I need something strong enough to play Football Manager but other than that it’ll only be browsing and watching netflix. I’m not going to be doing anything dodgy on it, anything like that will be done on my Samsung laptop which already has a few kinks in it. Downloading stuff will be on the other laptop. I want something slimline enough that can also be put into a suitcase and not heavy like a conventional laptop. Budget not a big deal but would rather not spend more than €500. I don’t need/use microsoft office. I use google sheets regularly alright but that’ it.


Its always fascinating to watch Dunph talk about computers.


He has a way with words


Chromebooks are not PCs. So everything you can do on a PC outside of website browsing may or may not work. It certainly won’t work the same. It’s a totally different scaled down environment.


It’s hard to get your head around it all.


You need a PC for your ‘games’ and a tablet for wanking around on the web.


I want a one stop shop that is slimline and smaller but has the power to play Football Manager. I’m with Dundee Utd.


Do you play football manager


I do yeah, i might put it down for months at a time and pick it up again, but i’m engrossed in a game at the moment. Do you play it yourself? I assume there’s a dedicated thread.


I’ve spent many a day playing football manger and gambling. Great way to get through college. I haven’t got FM18 yet but I’ll probably cave in the next few weeks.


I haven’t owned Football Manager in four or fie years. Do you still need a disc drive to play it or can it be downloaded these days?