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I’ve downloaded the last few versions i’ve owned from something called Steam, it’s a kind of store you can buy games from online and no disc is required, just a username and log in. I’m using FM 2017 i’m not going to bother updating to any new versions. FM 2019 is about to come out.


2018 is out.

You can get 2017 for about 12 euro online.


You could also try this for a euro.

Read the description before you buy


So you’re a steamer?


He likes the odd Cleveland Steamer I’d say :joy:


I once Played football manager for about 14 hours straight. The laptop fan blocked up with dog hairs unbeknownst me. The fucking thing exploded one night. Nearly blew up Groody village In the process.


No one would have noticed.


I just discovered mobdro. My uncle has the app on his phone and can steam a whole load of stuff to his phone. I tried putting on my one plus one but it blocked it saying it was from an unknown source. I can’t find the app in Google play store. Anyone have a one plus and able to put mobdro on it?


There is an item under security menu to allow/disallow install from unknown sources



Any good value tablets in the go, lads?

I was looking at the Kindle Fire HD 10" which seems decent value at c£150.

The only issue I see with it is that not all Android Apps will be available on it. Any other good value alternatives available?


You can flash the google right play store on them fairly easily with a tutorial from YouTube.




I’ve eir broadband and the reuatuer got wrecked by the electricity storm last week. I’ve got a spare Reuter from Argos but it doesn’t seem to work. It’s broadcasting an old broadband network. How do I fix this?


What model is it?

You’ll have to re config the new router.


I was just going to say any ideas @Copper_pipe :joy:


Tp link

  1. Router.
  2. You’ll probably need to login to the router and change the connection details to eir’s network. Then change the SSID and password to match what the old ones are (or else connect devices to the default details for the Argos router).
  3. It’ll probably be a tad more complicated than what I’ve outlined.


How do I login Into a router?


What exact model?

Should be printed on a sticker