Question for the techies




On web address in browser put in

Username and password are admin



My vlan only goes as high as 8


@Horsebox or @Copper_pipe . The wife got a new laptop for Christmas but every time she logs on to the wifi, it hogs the whole lot, playing havoc with the iP tv. Any suggestions? As soon as she logs out its fine.


Its a windows 10 laptop and probably behind on its updates. Some of the updates are huge so the first few times it starts up it will be downloading a lot of data.

Go into the windows update section to confirm


Yeah this is probably it


Had the same issue yesterday with a laptop here and Netflix on the TV. The updates are on hold for the minute.


Thanks lads.

Bang on the money as usual


How’s the IPTV going?


Flying it now. The only issue was when the laptop was turned on. I’m lucky here. We have the fibre optic.


Well worth the 10 quid a month for it!


15 actually. But there’s absolutely everything on it.



Have you seen Paddington 2


Paddington 2 is on it there. The kids watched it. Thought it was great. They watched it last Friday when I was finishing up work. Might give it another twist today


Do, it’s fantastic


Today is the first day we have absolutely nothing on. As with most people, the last couple of days have been spent catching up with friends and family. I have the stove blazing here. Kids going around in there pj’s. I have a glass of ginger ale beside me. Will stick on a few films after lunch.


Movies depend on the provider. It’s up to them to download and upload to server.


I have a choice of nearly 9000 programmes on it there between movies, box sets series, the works


Sounds fantastic

Off to Annie now with the weans