Question for the techies




Very good


Have you experienced much down time recently? The guy I’m getting mine from had to put his on a new server because it was getting DDOS attacks. Costing a few euro extra a month but it’s working a lot better now. If any of ye are interested, he’ll give ye a 12 hour free trial to try it out before ye sign up.


No. I’ve had very little trouble with mine. You get a bit of freezing between 6 and 7pm during the week but that’s down to people coming home from work logging on.
Like I said the only issue was her laptop but that’s sorted now thanks to yourself and @TreatyStones


Going to see Star Wars now


Matilda coming up in Bord Gais in April mate


Yep,in fairness lots of good shows come these days.

You going?
Maybe me you and @Fran should set up the tfk musicals appreciation society


This has the look of one of the greatest wheezes of all time. Replace all your hardware. Ffs. It’s like y2k all over again.


Lads i’m looking for a nice smallish device that i can play spotify on while exercising. Anyone any recommendations? I have a spotify account and you can download podcasts or albums to listen to offline, so i’d like to use it. Is spotify compatible on something like an ipod or an mp3 player?


You could get an IPod Touch and download the music using Spotify premium for offline use.


I have a Gear Fit Pro 2. Can connect to wireless headphones and has a Spotify app. Was using it one my bike and on a run earlier today. Also works underwater.


That’s a smart watch essentially? I have a garmin which is good for timing stuff so don’t think i’ll get another watch though.


Have you one? Looks a bit clunky.


I don’t. I’ve the iPhone. No need for the IPod touch.


The iPod touch is €219. Anyone have anything cheaper that supports Spotify?


Do you not have a phone?


OnePlus five but it’s very big to be running with and don’t want to drop it. I want something light for music only.


Would you not get one of those arm strap things?


I suppose that would be the cheapest solution alright.


Plus everyone would know you were a serious runner then