Question for the techies


I got an Armstrap thing in Home Store And More last week for €2.
A great job.



I had a similar situation a few weeks ago and if you do require a minimalist device then a small mp3 player appears to be the only budget option.

There are supposedly ways of converting Spotify files mp3 format but never tried it.


@Smark this is what you need. Goes around your waist under your running top & phone is held securely against the small of your back.

My S7 + case fits into this.


Just put your phone in a plastic bag. That’s what I do. You can pick up a plastic bag for free at most airports.


I suppose you have a Prada plastic bag?


He has one of these


Is there any way does anyone know of organising the thumbnail things saved on a Windows desktop in alphabetical order?


Are you on about arranging the shortcuts, files on your desktop? Right click, sort by, name?


The files on the desktop yes.
Where do I click right?


Any blank space on the desktop



You can also access them from Windows Explorer. Desktop should be listed under “This PC”.
Sort them easily any way you want there.


Flatty. From the desktop, hold ctrl button and the A character on the keyboard. Once everything is highlight, hit the delete button. Any gimp that has his desktop covered in icons and files should have their PC taken off them.




What fucking button am I after pressing?


Casting videos from your apple device to chromecast, help please?


Videos taken on Phone or Youtube/Netflix etc?


Movies stored on an iPhone, not videos recorded on the phone


Hmm ok, Im not sure apple support the chromecast.