Question for the techies


Try these:


Yea, none of them seem to be the answer. I’ve ballsed this one up, just assumed I’d be able to cast from iPad to tv. Fuck apple.


Apple TV is what you need.


Yea. We’re on the move though so I was trying to travel light. This was a major fuck up on my part

Any good steaming site apps for apple?


Download videostream from the google play store. should be able to cast. Works perfect on the macbook but not sure about the phone. Worth a try anyway.



Download from Apple device to hard drive. Throw Apple device on bin. Transfer from hard drive to Android. Cast.


If only I’d asked the question a week ago then this advice would be useful.

Video stream is a no go @alf_stewart


No idea mate, I hate apple and would never buy one of their cunts of devices.


We are where we are so. Fuck it.


Ah thats unfortunate. I’m all out ort ideas so.


I’ll settle for a streaming site for movies for apple products if you or anyone else has one.

Netflix will tide us over for the most part.


Would you consider just buying an iPad to HDMI cable?


@myboyblue would you not just place failed technology to one side and make love to your life partner instead?


Too busy loving himself


It’s the kids mate, duck tales and assorted other such and such are needed for downtime.


By Jove, you may have it.


Is there any way of making a pdf out of a photo on an android phone?




Ta pal, I’ll try that.