Question for the techies


RTE has blocked Hola on the Player. No Irish pub near here (not a bad thing all told)

Give me another option to watch a stream of the hurling on Sunday?


GAA Go, it’s only a tenner to buy the match.


Mobdro if you have an android phone


Besides screening netflix on your tv is apple tv worth it?


I’d say no.

Have a look at the Amazon Firestick



Would one of those yokes be better than a firestick?


I believe so. Bit more grunt to run applications. I use mine for Kodi and other streaming applications

android is a lot more open as regards getting applications on it too


I just need to get one app on it.


overkill for that alright.


I need it to run right. That is all




Is the amazon FireStick worth getting - 25 quid on amazon prime sale.


@The_Selfish_Giant is the man to advise on this.

At that price though I’d say it’s well worth it


Can I get IPTV on it


Yes yes and yes

Talk to @Copper_pipe and his man

Iptv ,movies and alexia


It would work out cheaper for you, if you bought the firestick yourself and then get on to the guy for IPTV @TheUlteriorMotive

He’ll give you the instructions to setup the IPTV then



The firestick runs on WiFi where as the box can take a direct ethernet feed from the router.

If you have a strong WiFi signal then it’s a non issue but a wired feed would pose less connection issues down the road.


Bingo. Top bombing.


Firestick has decent WiFi and you can also buy an Ethernet adapter for about a 10er if you needed it.