What is the only animal that CANNOT jump?


Stephen Hawking?

A worm, give me my money…

I don’t know about these animal questions.

I read a question that in a newspaper that said man was the only animal that could sleep on its back. Our dog at home does it all the time!!

I had a rockhopper penguin that couldn’t jump, is that the correct answer :slight_smile:


My money would be on Julio to get this

A dead one.

(or failing that an Elephant, they have no knees)

Its obviously a stupid answer so.

I’ll go with an artritic Monkey.

Failing that this can’t jump



But it is a stupid answer yes?

White men?

Does the CANNOT being in capitals have some relevance to it.

Paul O’Connell?

All animals can jump on a trampoline

White men can’t jump. Easy.


Flano knows the score

The relevance was if the phrasing was ‘can’t jump’ any idiot could have figured it out.

Fucking hell this ended up being the worst thread ever.