I have to say I cant remember a time when the forum has been so quiet. I think this confirms my belief that Ball Ox should be allowed back. Plus it would stop him emailing me rubbish. Its funnier when its on here and I can read at my leisure

Think everyone’s simply gutted our Grand Slam hopes have been dashed ans feelings are too raw to put into words.

Message from Ball Ox

“I blame the pitch in Croke park. The rough GAA players wrecked that pitch. That might be ok for Leitrim U16 vs Fermanagh Farmhands, but these are real professional athletes, and OGara hurt his ankle. I think the IRFU, should pull out and play their next game in Donnybrook, and then sue the GAA for the injury to ROG”

tut tut :lol:

Let him back, he might livin things up

The Puke took the edge off Ball Ox a long time back. He’s fairly tamed at this stage.

You really couldn’t be any more wrong with that statement bro.

It is what it is.

MBB hasn’t broken 30 posts yet today :o

[quote=“Flano, post: 26516”]
MBB hasn’t broken 30 posts yet today :o
[/quote] :blink: That’s fucked up.

He’s at 31 now. He’ll have some work to do to keep up his recent daily average of 60.

I accept your challenge Bro.

im sure he will start work on the lovely ladies thread now to get up his average

Unlike yourself who cant get anything up when he goes onto the lovely ladies thread.

i use redtube to get it up. much better than the LL thread

Dont feel bad about that, Pele also recommends Viagra.

i notice your tremendous efforts there have slackened recently. get the finger out sir.

I’ll be forced to do some work if nobody says something interest in the next few minutes.

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