R.E.M. Thread

Seems to be a few R.E.M. fans on the forum. An excellent band. Post favourite songs etc here.
Love this version of Be Mine.


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A timeless classic

Driver 8


One of the lowlights on their worst album was my opinion at the time, but it’s aged quite well in fairness


Heard this for the first time today. Stipe’s voice got progressively better as years went on.

Mills’s base is incredible in this.


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Shiny happy people :rofl:

How much drugs were they on that day?

Always have a soft spot for this track

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Lots of really good albums there

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Most underrated/overrated REM album?

Fables of the Reconstruction/New Adventures in Hi Fi.

E-bow is an incredible song. Superb music and eerie feel to it. Vocals sublime. One of the only songs they ever did where Stipe wrote lyrics (and what lyrics) prior to music being recorded.


You’d want your head examined not to think that’s a smashing tune

Have a few records of R.E.M. as well.

Were one of my favourite bands as a teen

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For me, REM are the greatest band ever. I did grow up with their music being played constantly at home. Crucially though I still return to them on many occasions today. And at times only REM will do.

I don’t know of any other band to maintain such a high standard of albums over such a length of time. For me it was not until their 9th album (Monster) where the quality dipped below 9 out of 10 and many times in those intervening year was their stuff pretty much flawless.

After Monster they had ‘great moments’ for about another 4 albums before they began to go rapidly downhill. Indeed some of their best ever songs - the aforementioned E-Bow and Let Me In. But after Monster they never came near to those early albums in my view.

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