Random Images Thread


Thought you’d be turning left when you got on pal??


The view as corner forward in Parc na hEireann, brum.
Manys the unsuspecting freetaker got distracted by the final approach.


Private jet.


What a holy Thursday this is. Tassotti descending from the clouds on the descent into Shannon, what a day for Ireland and for Roman Catholics. @HBV @Nembo_Kid


Christ, you have me all emotional. What a day for Ireland and for Roman Catholics worldwide.
Enjoy your break kid.


my wallet is bulging with money, I am going to support the Irish economy, I’m going to bring us back


You are some man.
The world is your oyster for the next few days.


Welcome home pal. There is a lovely shade of green emerging across the south facing slopes of the Burren with the recent weather we are having. Enjoy the spin North.


Unreal unbelievable


Electron microscope pictures. Dust mite and fruit fly tongue the best of them




Some random images from my trip this morning to Tullamore.





Silage season is upon us, that’s a grand aul pit


Say it when you see it…




The Border Bull in the background?


Thats not a bad shout TBF.

But no. More between the legs…


A tramps arse.