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FAO of @habanerocat


Fuck me, says the queen bee, and 10,000 died in the rush.




Happened right in front of me yesterday, caused quite a stir among the locals on the Limerick side,
The plane is on its way to Enniscrone to be used on a glamping site.


The lad involved in that is an absolute master of publicity. The place has 30,000 likes on facebook and it isn’t even open yet. :clap:



You could spend millions and not get the exposure this has brought the place. People from all over were driving down to the coast to see it


Its unreal. Fair fucks to him. I believe its been all over that cunt Anton’s show on Today FM all week as well. Even that video is fucking produced to within an inch of its life. Great exposure.





Is that tom hanks?


Post of the Year contender right there.


It is. 1997. Filming of Saving Private Ryan, brother.


That’s your brother beside him??? I should have known. The size of his hooter was a dead giveaway.


Were they stuck for a few guns that they had to use hurls instead?