Random Images Thread


Not so random really, took a wrong turn somewhere today coming from the Burren Perfumery close to Carron, eventually followed a sign for Kilmacboy and a few miles down the road what did we see only this, there was another car pulled up taking photos so we knew we had it right, made my day.


Sounds like you had a great day out. .


Kilnaboy - for fear anyone would get lost following those directions


You only heard the half of it and all. :smile:


Fair bad when you can’t see the Tractor or Loader. :smile:



A sedated Grizzly Bears foot

Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread

Animal welfare - save the world types are sickening.

That’s fucking cruelty.

Leave the bears alone ye cunts.




That’s a sickening photo.


I’d still take him on before I’d take on a limousine bull.


What the fuck are you on about?


Cunts taking photos of sedated wild animals for likes on social media.


Those paws would make a lovely pair of slippers.


I doubt they sedated him just to take a fucking selfie.


Doesn’t make it any less cuntish.


These white slippers are albino
African endangered rhino.


There’s a woman who’s probably one of the people protecting a specie who is only about one in ten thousand alive in the world and you’re calling her a cunt for taking a picture with it whilst it’s sedated possibly also for medical reasons ? YOU’RE the problem with society.


The photo was ill advised and looked cuntish.

Fuck up will you.


See my loafers, former gophers