Random Images Thread


Her enthusiasm has certainly been curbed.


I can’t stop laughing at this picture.

The first thing I saw was Michael D relaxing nonchalantly in his suit against the railings, which is random enough.

Then the parrot.





Bit early for Michael d


I look at this picture when I think my life is good.




Stick that up in the Agri matters thread and you’ll get a hape of likes pal.
Cc @KinvarasPassion


A real sheep dog


Sheep dogs are wonderful. We had some great dogs in the past, man’s best friend.


A good sheep dog is mans best friend. But, when you get a bad one they are fucking useless. Running around snapping at flies is about as useful as they’d be.


We used to send them fellas for a holiday



Sheep dogs are sneaky bastards. The sneakiest of all dogs.




Is that the wan you rode last week?


I haven’t met a dog sneakier than a Yorkshire terrier.


Again I call this image a fake. Whether it’s ok to post a fake image in the “Random images thread” I don’t know.