Rangers Lisbon

Anybody watch this? Caught the last ten minutes where it seemed even enough with Davie Weir having a very poor last ten. He looked absolutely knackered. Rangers didn’t seem to create much. Looked a very poor standard game and it says a lot about how poor Celtic are this season that a team doing so poorly in Portugese league managed to get a scoreless draw in Ibrox only a few days after we failed.

Rangers are so lucky this season they will probbably bring back Maddie home from Portugal next week.

I watched all of the match and couldn’t work out how the fook we managed to lose to this shower of shit.Rangers were poor from the kick off,the only reason they didn’t get beat is that Sporting are worse than them.

They were horrendous, had no ambition at home and looked really fatigued. It’s a terrible indictment on the Celtic players and management that they’re more or less 9 points clear in the league. It’s a very open competition as Bayern Munich are slipping a bit and will have quite a test in the second leg.