Rape inquiry after Man Utd party


Police are investigating the alleged rape of a 26-year-old woman at a hotel where Manchester United players and other guests were attending a party.

The alleged attack took place at the Great John Street Hotel in Manchester in the early hours of Tuesday.

Hotel managers confirmed the venue was fully booked out for a private party.

Police are refusing to confirm or deny the involvement of any players in the incident at the city centre hotel but are continuing inquiries.

The hotel is a boutique “town house” hotel converted from a Victorian schoolhouse, situated in the trendy Castlefield area of Manchester.

‘Inquiries continuing’

A hotel spokesman said: “We’re helping the police with an investigation.”

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: "Police are currently investigating a report of rape at a hotel in Manchester city centre.

"[Officers] were called to the hotel on Great John Street to a report that a 26-year-old woman had been raped.

“Inquiries are continuing.”

A Manchester United spokeswoman declined to comment.

Police were called to the hotel shortly after 0400 GMT.

If my money was on anyone it would be Anderson and Nani. Ronaldo wasnt there as he was at the World player of the year award function.

Ya racist xenophobe Shan. I’d say it was Vidic. Brutalising the bird.

He came from Serbia. He’ll fucking murder ya. Nemaja. :grin:

In all seriousness could be some punter looking to exploit rich footballers. What a shock.

Johnny Evans named by the Sun.

Who he?

6 Counties lad who was on loan at Sunderland last season.

Hopefully it’ll make it easier for Sunderland to sign him. Every Rape has a silver lining.

It’s easy to forget that sometimes in the media furore that surrounds these things. Would Dr Rachel Armstrong be the strong woman she is today without past sufferings? Unlikely you’d have to say.

Or indeed Dani Sutherland after the Cain touched her leg that time.

Or Noah after drinking two pints and his subsequent battle with the bottle?

Not related I know but still a massive past suffering…

Innocent until proven guilty and all that. He might have done it but then again he might have been set up by one of these ‘honey traps’. I’m making myself available to cover any potential trial for tfk though and am looking into buying some property in Manchester out of petty cash.