Rasmussen Casts Shadow Over Tour

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Very informative and extremely interesting article. Makes me wonder is there a real chance the tour could be non existent in a few years? One reservation about article is I really don’t like this talk of cycling dying or a cloud hanging over the tour. I think these labels shouldn’t be used as it is probably doing the event more harm than good in its efforts to clean it up. Interestingly Versus the American channel covering the tour are far more open about the drugs issue in comparison to British Eurosport who pretend there is no issue. Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwan do the commentary but the American studio analysists are the ones who seem to deal with doping and confront it.

I agree that there’s probably too much negative coverage on the future of cycling - especially when other sports don’t bother confronting their drugs problems at all. However I think it would be a huge blow to the Tour if this year’s winner tested positive afterwards or in the near future.

On a personal level I don’t trust Rasmussen. He’s always been erratic and I don’t believe in his sudden return to form. Not sure I trust the Astany boys either though and Mayo is a mirror image of Rasmussen this year. Why the sudden consistency?

To be perfectly honest I don’t trust any of the Astana Rabobank or Saunier Duval riders. I have doubts over Discovery also. The point is though that the sport is getting cleaner all the time. Remarkable to think only one tour winner has ever tested positive. It is becoming very difficult to cheat now. Hopefully soon a doper will be the big exception and frowned upon by the peleton. In the middle of reading A Rough Ride again. An outstanding book. Roche and particularly Kelly both seem sound in fairness.

One question? Why do cyclists need drugs at all? My mate would do them all, he cycles faster than I drive (I’ve penalty points for speeding). No jokes about my mate trying to get away from the guards!!!