Ravenous part 3


Great to hear they survived that food authority closure a few years back


I would give it a B+. The hake was excellent, chicken with all the trimmings and roasties hit the spot and the third member of our party has a fillet which was perfectly cooked. For the money hard to beat, service was decent also. Probably a good midweek spot.

Good band in Oliver Plunkett afterwards but the Guinness was rank in there.


Fine spot for guinness across from the oliver plunkett called an Bodhran. Probably music there as well. OP is a nice bar if a big busy bar is what you’re after. Some amount of live music there every week


Its only an auld gimmicky tourist trap, the Oliver plunkett


Ah its not too bad. There is probably 25 different live music acts there every week its a grand spot if your looking for somewhere a bit livelier. Some great, random, gigs on there with reggae or jazz acts


In Cark? Not a bad spot at all.


Sure he should just tip into the Hi B for a bit of authentic Cork


I’d ate that


No better man for that feed.


Lovely, me and the missus went on our first ‘date’ (we’d been jagging a few weeks) there in 96, we walked in through the full length window


You did this to the missus before taking her on a date?


a jag is an informal date down in Cork kid


By God.


youve been with the same woman for 22 year?
fucking hell.

how old are you, were you with any other woman in your 20s and 30s at all?


Pull easy, the poor unfortunate gobshite may have knocked her up in her teens and got stuck with her, you don’t know the circumstances here.


22 year is a long time to be ating spagetti bolognese every day





Ah lovely



I did it. I broke down and entered the dining establishment known as Finnigans last night for dinner. Apparently it’s improved but the only change I noticed was massive servings. Anyway wasn’t too bad, they fucked up the drinks order, throwing coke into my gin, but you’d forgive that.