Ravenous part 3


Chicken vol au vent with chips as a main - Roaster alert


Yes but the sophisticated one amongst us had the bacon and cabbage.


You’re better than this.


the chips there are good, i dont ate much chips normally but got them with the toasted special in finnegans there about a month ago, came with a little espresso cup of soup on the side.


Not on my last evening of his trip to Ireland mate.


That’s a mighty feed :clap:


Do you realise how much you’re despised by your in laws?

I admire your doughtiness nonetheless.




very generous portions


I’d ate that


I’d ate that bacon and cabbage .
Did they give you a few extra spuds with that or a side of chips?


A side of chips always goes well wit the bacon and cabbage


A side of chips always goes well with everything


Especially with a side of chips.


True but lovely over Christmas when hungover .


Just finished an exquisite prawn linguine.

Shallot, garlic, home grown tomatoes, white wine, basil and lemon juice with prawns. Unreal.


Ah lads, poutine back on the menu in Limerick :heart_eyes:


Is that lumps of cheese?


It’s more like a cheese curd, very nice.

Canadian dish, chips gravy and cheese, like lobster rolls it’s very popular on TFK,


Do the charge a fortune for putting a fancy name on it?