Ravenous part 3




:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: jaysus h Christ that looks smashing


Looks lovely
Chips look great too
Steak immaculate


I just picked up a lovely bit of meat myself


Lads still eating meat :smile:


Are you down to your last few bob?


Where you pick up that? In the Palestinian butchers on Wickham St


I could have relied on you to look down his nose on a fine cut of meat that requires a bit of effort, there was never hard times in the O’Dowd house,

They’re not even cheap anymore :smirk:


I’m sure the children are licking their lips


Well mate, it’s not something you’d cook for yourself obviously,
Children love oxtail soup mate, why would you think different?


@backinatracksuit telling his little ladies of the days when times were tough in Cork city and you couldn’t get a proper piece of meat, and that they should be thankful for this culinary nostalgia. Weeks on end with nothing but oxtail soup


It’s not often you can have your cow and eat it.


While I was walking home from the community school for a lunch of packet oxtail soup @Fagan_ODowd was raiding the tuck shop in Clongowes




Just after a bit of lamb shank there.
Christ twas lovely


I’ve a lovely Goan lamb curry on the go here. Be ready in an hour or two.


Had a Daycent feed in the Longcourt there. Forgot to take a pic though. :sob:


Had two burgers with onions and some oven chips there an hour ago.

I was ravenous and it did the job fine


Did you prepare the spice mix yourself?


Just had a bacon double cheese burger meal from Supermacs. Gour-met.