Ravenous part 3


Forgot the vegetables


If you had a fancy enough oven you could put it onto self clean, that’d get it hot enough


I’d hate to see the steak after 3 hours at 470C


That’s a flaking steak.


It was the size of my head. A lesser man couldn’t have handled it.


Fantastic :grinning:


Having some nasi pedang here for my brunch.


You’re a lucky man to have all that awesome food available. A culinary paradise.


You can’t open it on self clean, it’s a great job though




They are everywhere mate. I’d a feed of them this morning at the mother’s


Just after polishing off some fish head curry, claypot chicken, egg tofu and cereal prawn there. :clap:


I caught a hape of them yesterday and only realised when I got home that there was a hole in the bag, every last one of the cunts got away. After all the work trapping them I was very angry.


Delighted for you Pal!


That reminds me. A couple of months to magic season !


Still at that at your age?? Jaysus I couldn’t imagine getting up to mushie inspired japes now


If I see them on my walks with the dogs, I’ll pick them. Be rude not to!


Would you not leave em for the youngsters, I’d have been well pissed off to see an ould lad out picking my mushies from Mahon golf course before I got to to them


There’d be plenty to go around I’m sure


We’d have to be up early in the morning, I’m getting angry now thinking about some old geezer with a dog over on the fifth fairway ahead of us
A young mans game anyway mate, honest to God