Ravenous part 3


I thought it was the stereo, said to myself the neighbors are going to go mad.


Maybe if you stuck your head inside it, it might clear your mind of all that scutter / clutter.


One bit if broccoli aswell


I ate the broccoli first like a savage. I thought you were a man for the smaller portions anyway?


That looked like a top notch feed to me anyway.

Are you back at home listening to a few tunes?


It was lovely pal, birthday dinner with the wife and plenty of ales. Winding down now after some cracking tunes


Does anyone go to bed in Ireland anymore? Between the breast feeders, the late drinkers and the early risers there’s hardly a wink of sleep got.


did you take a few pills mate?


Homemade Ceviche.


No I’d be afraid to pal


Synthetics and designer drugs are for mugs. Natural products all the way, quality buds, the occasional small portion of blow. And keep it to an occasional treat.


Deep fried broccoli it was. What type of establisment woyld do that to the greatest bit of green veg on the planet.
They def saw yerman coming.


Dinner time.






Yours or the dog’s?


The dog wishes he got that.


You know how a dog would vomit and then eat their own vomit? A dog wouldn’t eat that.


Would you not have gone to the mother’s for dinner? She always seems to throw out decent fare.


Sea and toast