Ravenous part 3




Was the dopey twin from GoggleBox Ireland serving you?


Sticky toffee pudding and whipped cream


I’d fucking ate that.


That’s a cracking effort. What’s the pasta thing called?


Tagliatelle from Mark and Spencer’s with their cheese and tomato sauce
Gently sauted Spinach
Herb encrusted salmon


Looks more like pappardelle, mate.


it could be, all that stuff looks the same to me


The herb encrusted salmon is done to perfection. Well done.


I was disappointed with it to be honest, most of the herb crust stuck to the frying pan, I was frying an auld egg in it last night and didn’t wash it proper after


Jesus :grinning:


I forgot to take a picture but I just finished off my dinner - two Donegal Catch cod fillets (cc @HBV), 3 spuds from one of those heat up in the microwave for 13 minutes sealed bags of spuds and some frozen peas. I ate the skin on the spuds, albeit I sliced them open in the middle and threw some kerrygold in to melt in the inside spud. Delightful.


Thats good atin


I bought one of those slow cooker yokeymabobs today. Will give it a go over the weekend


2 Cod fillets? :hushed:


Thats good cooking


I don’t like fish but that looks great. Fair play


Their a game changer.


Was busy for a while so tucking into a delayed dessert now with a cup of tea.