Ravenous part 3


Why don’t you pretend it happened in Cork? That way you can pass it off as harmless, good natured fun and a great example of the sense of humour unique to the place


The blue rinse brigade are out in force tonight


It probably did happen in cork :grin:,that’s why he’s getting his knickers in a twist.


It’s peobably a relative


A close one


Had a lovely Malaysian there.


What are we dealing with here?




Before or after the grub?


Chicken with nyonya sauce; fried rice with sausage and prawn; petai, lady’s fingers, long beans and brinjal fried in sambal.


Quiet the opposite



Id say your gone back to being a fat hoor are ye?Hard enough to shift them few kg after birth.


That mr kipling apple pie is looking well.


We can’t all afford personal trainers after having a baby but I’ll get there by Christmas.


That’s the spirit


A good diet tip for you mate would be head away to bed around 8.30pm


6 likes for that so far on the ravenous thread . Ffs. The tea looks nice tbf


To be fair that’s a proper looking cup of tea,just the right amount of milk.Well done @Bandage


that’s a weird fucking combo.