Ravenous part 3


That’s a real October cup of tea, just before the news, you wouldn’t bother with stuff like that during the summer.


Its grand. They are chopped up Chinese sausages, which are a little sweet and chewy, goes well with fried rice.



Those eggs look divine.


Apart from the vile sausages that looks lovely.


They’re chipolata sausages from dollard and co, i had high expectations but I’ll admit they weren’t great. I nailed the poached eggs but the toasted sourdough was the star of the show.


I thought a Chipolata was a little sausage, like a cocktail sausage?
Can’t bate a really good sourdough :+1:


No it’s a style of sausage all by itself I believe, it’d be common over in tanland.


The fat slags would sometimes comment that some poor chap had a cock like a chipolata


That must have been very hurtful for you.


Shocking lack of love for that, I’d have expected 10 likes minimum by now. It’s the type of thing the crowd usually go wild for :confused:


All the super dads are out doing amazing things with their kids. He might get a few this evening.


I hope so, the best thing about it was the swiftness of the reply, most of the lads here would have taken an hour or more to come up with that,


That’s Limerick ciddy kid!


Eat in the green goose in Paris tonight. The trinity horse racing society seemed to have pretty much booked it out for the night. @TreatyStones neighbour is gone home.


Yeah, but he’s a gowl, you’re sound.


A noble society. Got a day out at the Punchestown festival with them for the guts of £5 in 1996.


Fair play lad.


:yum: :yum:


The lads will be delighted to see I was eating some ‘real’ food today.