Ravenous part 3


It was so good you ejaculated on the plate.


Couldn’t help myself.


Individual stickers for all the sandwiches now?


Read it closer and look at the timeline


Just stuck a leg of lamb in the oven there. Looking forward to a nice Sunday roast



Looks like somebody puked on your plate @Spidey.


Jaysus I had savage roaster feed from the carvery in Ballykisteen earlier. 3 big slices of beef, mash, roast spud, mixed veg, yorkshire pudding and the whole lot swimming in gravy .


Proper atin


Add a pint glass of milk and you’re in business


Made a squash and bean stew for lunches during the week. I’ll do some quinoa to go with that. A turkey chickpea sweet potato and spinach curry for dinners. And banana bread. Thank god Kev isn’t here to tell me I’ve wasted my evening and should have gotten it dropped up to me from the garage down the road instead.


Balsamic glazed duck and spinach and a few auld spuds


You burned the shite off the duck on the outside. I’d ate that


It’s actually not burnt it’s just a bit black from the balsamic glaze. The skin is only gorgeous.


A disaster. Pretentiousness gone wrong. That duck looks dried out. Theres nothing worse than burnt over cooked duck.
I suppose you had a big pint of milk to wash it down did you.


WTF fuck,
Dried out??? Overcooked???
Stick to the microwaved Donegal catch, you haven’t a fucking clue


And here come the blue rinse brigade.


You’re talking shit again, fucking overcooked :grin:


Whatever happened the cat burglars?


There is. Donegal catch in gravy