Ravenous part 3


Imagine remembering what some lad off the internet cooked for his lunch the other day :smile:
You’d forget how sad your life is sometimes.


Throwing stones from the glasshouse of adjudication on a celebrity spotting thread on the Internet.


The standard of wum’ing on here has gone to shit, the amount of fellas who bit down hard on that casual hook from HBV was fascinating. God be with the days of @fingal_raven, now that fella could really lay a bait.


You have an awful bee in your bonnet about that celeb spotting thread god help you :smiley:



lovely bit of fruitcake mate


Mary Kelly’s Farmhouse Bakery is just the job. Lovely and moist, doesn’t even need a bit of butter.


You’re adding one treat every few days, mate. You’ll be ating a full cake every evening before the month is out.


Are you eating anything right at all these days mate? Stop the rot.


He’s eating his feelings leave the man alone


His Circadian rhythms are fucked, his endocrine system is screaming and his pancreatic beta cells are having to work overtime. His blood must look like the open air sewage system of a dirty Venetian canal.

Perfect candidate for a food replacement system #Huel @Bandage


Just loading up after a 6 (six) km run, mate.


When the oven is warm enough you can put anything you want into it.


Got to enjoy life as well @Horsebox,

How’s your weight loss program going?


Is this a Holocaust reference?


I’ve been in the 5/2 diet for the guts of the last 3 months but I don’t think it’s doing much for me at all.


You need to pop next door to the 51


Are your titties still wobbling when you go over a speed bump or the likes?




+1. I added the Jaffa Cake because the Samuel Beckett Bridge was closed so I had to run up to the next one before circling back down through Grand Canal Dock. I’d only planned on running 5kms but I ended up doing a lung busting 6kms.