Ravenous part 3


Sports bra?






Your little C-cups jiggling and a wriggling …



Is that a baby monitor you have artfully placed in the picture?


That’s like a baldy baby with a big forehead.



That’s a lot of sugar for 10 pm kid. You won’t sleep a wink


A chocolate frank and beans with fruity pubes.


I don’t know how I did it in fairness.


Worth calling into my mother’s there. She’d a lovely leg of lamb just pulled out of the oven.


that is something else, I would murder that is unreal


That’s a serious bit of grub.


She’s a wonderful women.


Wouldn’t it be great if I got her to start posting here? If only in the ravenous thread.


That would be unreal. I’d love to hear the story behind some of those masterpieces.


It would.

You can see from the son she reared that she was a wonderful mother too, obviously invested time in her kids and has maintained a healthy relationship with her kids over the years. I’m sure there were times in the past she’d wish you settle down alot sooner with a nice girl and stop your wild galavanting but she trusted her instincts, played the patience game and let you find your own path and you’ve come good in the end.

You’re a credit to her sure.


Lovely bit of carrot and parsnip there.


I get lonesome for my own late mother when I see a feed like that. You’re a lucky man.