Ravenous part 3


I can’t get my head around this one


I’ll be visiting the mother tonight, sure they’re the dearest


Your mother is your greatest fan, possibly your only fan.


Sunday roast on a Thursday. A lovely treat


How are things chief?


Things ain’t so bad kid. Start radium and chemo for 5 solid weeks on November. A break then until February. Surgery to take the fucker out. Colostomy bag for a while. More chemo and then reverse the bag. Should be fit enough to shit all over em in Thurles next year.
Chemo is in tablet format so side effects not half as bad


Probably won’t be too many more calm evenings for the barbecue


Having some hamburg here. My one year old daughters food at the bottom.


God help that poor cratur of a child


She finished all of it, god bless her.


She must be an awful size.


She is. She broke her baby chair last week, now we just ferry her around in a wheelbarrow.


It’s a ferocious amount of food for a one year old.


I wouldn’t like to see a child go hungry but thats a generous portion for a 6 or 7 year old. Maybe they only feed kids once a day in the orient

One battered sausage would have been more than enough


Ah lads.


That was some tempura mate. Easy mistake to make tbf.


Tempura just means batter kid. Tempura sausages for e.g.


Do you often order tempura sausage in the chippers around North Cork mate?


You wouldn’t ask for French fries either but it’s the same thing


Seeing as ye were all so enamoured with my mother’s cooking last week I said I’d take a little detour on the road and drop in again today. She’s got something nice simmering away there now. My mouth is watering at the thought of it. It should be ready shortly. In the meantime does anyone care to guess what she’s prepared on this Monday afternoon?