Ravenous part 3


Mental carry on


Fair play to her.
Great to see someone broadening their horizons.

Next week you get her to try making toast







Thats a serious bit of bisto, is it the beef flavoured one?


@Smark’s ma tripped when she was pouring the gravy?


Yeah. Beef stock. There’s a rake of roast beef hidden under the bisto there.

It mightnt look great but by jaysus it was nice


I poured on a bit more after the photo to cover the mash.


jesus I’d love a curry chip


I just had a curry!

No chips though.


I thought it was ham but I’m reassured now so i’m going to give that a like.


I’d say you’re like me kid. If I treat myself to a carvery, I keep telling them to hand it to me dripping in gravy


I need a spoon for the gravy kid





The beans in a separate bowl is a nice touch
Must try that myself


can’t beat homemade chips for tea


Today’s 6 before 6 is Udon Noodles! Charge!!

cc @Copper_pipe @Julio_Geordio


That place is poor enough