Ravenous part 3


For 6 euro it’s fine.

The Noodle dishes are good - Pad Thai, Udon and Yaki Soba are all nice and well worth 6 euro. I wouldnt pay 12 euro for them tho and I wouldnt go near any of their curries.

The 6 before 6 on noodle dishes deserve charge status.


That’s a lovely looking bit of tea there.


I bought a new deep fat fryer, can’t beat the real thing, none of this air fryer shit


I’m ateing chips morning, noon and night at the moment


Do you just pour the Huel over the top of them like gravy then?






I’m in Drom kid


You’ll know moving forward to keep an eye on it.



The udon noodles were lovely.

cc @backinatracksuit


You’ll take a picture of a pint that looks the exact same as every other but won’t bother to illustrate this for us?


I haven’t taken pics of any pints yet I think… And no. I was too ravenous.


I presume you grilled the fish fingers?


Needs more gravy but a noble feed.


Fuel ahead of an 8pm trip to the gym as the man says.


There was plenty of gravy lumped on later pal :ok_hand:


Lovely cuppa there



That’s desperate pal