Ravenous part 3


We are you eating it on the floor?


A daycent feed.


Fried up some noodles there.


Hit the spot after a 5 mile run up the cliffs.


I can’t remenber when I last tasted rabbit, but this was a superb effort.



My word. That was unreal


you’re a shining light for every vegetarian in the World


Lovely looking bit of dinner.


I’ve gone back to meat. I was only wasting my time.


good man. that’s a noble feed. I can actually taste it. Is that a pint of Guinness you had with it or a glass of coke?


I’m after 11 pints. I’m going to bed now for a while. I’m up since half 4


Nothing fancy but just demolished this


That is a masterpiece. Lovely simple bit of tasty food on a fantastic plate. Did you buy that dinner out or whip it up at home?


steak Tuesday at wetherspoons mate, it was unreal 14 oz rump


Wetherspoons for all the jokes over the food do grand aul steaks & their Beer battered fish is the finest too.


I was thinking it was Wetherspoons looking alright.


How much was that ? It’s a lovely looking plate of grub, theres no fucking around in it which is the way grub should be.


15 pound


No plate but 3 bowls and some mate or something that’s just fucked down on a sheet of paper on a tray.
I don’t get it but I’m sure its a place where an awful lot of lads photograph their burger and chip.