Ravenous part 3


I don’t understand why food isn’t served on plates to be honest. I was ravenous and that certainly ticked the box.


Don’t mind the brown nose brigade pal that was a decent feed :ok_hand:


Serious atin there chief


“Plate” cleaned. Was fit to burst afterwards


Chicken with tarragon sauce and a variety of roast vegetables.


Presentation is very good but something tells me American “chicken” tastes like the chemical discharge of the toilet of that 3 titty bird in Total Recall.


Are you trying to channel @The_Selfish_Giant?
Free range organic chicken from Whole Foods mate.


Had it already flown off the plate before you took the photo?


Would you recommend Ruby’s?


Serving food on Prison Trays in a new one on me.


I liked it mate. It’s not exactly high cuisine but if you’re into diner-style food/atmosphere, then it’s the finest


Yeah the nephew goes there and speaks highly of it.


Handy if you can get a table there before a concert at the 3 Arena. Pizzas were good too.


You might be tempted to go to mad egg then. I thought it was rotten.


The nephew goes to the one in Swords


The place at the top of Camden Street? It’s just chicken burgers and chicken sandwiches is it?


Chicken tenders or chicken burgers and a dress your own cheesecake dessert. It’s also on millennium walkway.


serious bit of tea


You’re gone stone mad on the chips, mate.


That’s a greggs special meal

Cc @flattythehurdler