Ravenous part 3


Lovely homely food and fine delph


A textbook reproduction of the traditional Irish roaster three carb dish: lasagne and garlic bread and potatoes.



Would you take it down ta fuck :face_vomiting:


Are they some class of a clam


Yes they are Oirish clams.


Outstanding. A worthy meal for Monday evening next whether celebrating or drowning sorrows.


Clams have castes?



Rustic toast drowneded in butter!!

cc @Piles_Hussain


Shouldn’t that be “drownded”?

(I’ll sort out your caridee ride over the weekend pal, completely forgot, my bads)


Good point. Editeded and included my fellow Callanegian on the post


Callan is it? I went to college with a lad from there who’s family are butchers, he has a twin.


In the airport now heading back to the sod for a couple of weeks. Will be partaking :heart_eyes:


Tha Mahony’s. Good folk.


As Piles said, good stock. Like the rest of Upper Bridge street that business is gone. Mickeys Bar is all that’s left from 6 (six) businesses that used to be on that street. Not including yeres Piles as ye were West Street.


Is it really? Ah jaysus. We shared a flat in Waterford, great times, Sunday night he’d arrive down with the meat for us for the week.
The brother would drive down on Wednesday nights to go on the piss with us and they’d have one chatting up some young wan, leave for the jacks and the other would take his place. Many fine young women of Waterford had no idea who they were talking to. The fuckers had it down to a fine art and it was very very funny to watch it. Gas men.



Lovely looking spuds.


What is that meat like substance?


It’s duck.