Ravenous part 3


I’m gone ape on them, can’t bate homemade chips, the secret is to start them off at 140 for then minutes and finish them off at 190



Solid effort.

No doubt you had the grub on the go before Never Say Never won but treat yourself to something a bit fancier with the winnings.


I was licking the plate like a roaster as colin took the lead up a furlong and a half out with a big smile on my face. Time for :pint:


Perfect timing, you could have put up a picture of a bowl of special K and got a nice post just then


These lads going with yesterday’s stew :yum:


That’s a lovely plate


Thats a lovely looking bit of dinner, it it Donegal catch?


Just home there now not that hungry but i see no dinner for me.


Did you use goose fat?


Didn’t have any, roasted them in kerrygold, roasties can’t be bate


What was her excuse mate?


Do think she doesn’t give a shit about you or is she actively trying to drive you away?





Thanks very much.


Your wife


Do you think that women has fuck all to do bar cook and clean you backwards prick?


Calm down petal.


What point were you making about my missus?